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Mouton de Tabaski : Les précieux conseils du vétérinaire à suivre absolument

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Mouton de Tabaski : Les précieux conseils du vétérinaire à suivre absolument

La majeur partie des Sénégalais vont célébrer la Tabaski ce mercredi. Après la prière, les fidèles sacrifieront leurs moutons pour une consommation immédiate ou ultérieure. Président de l'Ordre des vétérinaires, le Dr Isma Ndiaye explique sur Seneweb comment choisir son mouton, comment l'alimenter à quelques heures de la fête, comment l'immoler, comment le dépecer  et même, comment conserver la viande.


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  1. Auteur


    En Août, 2018 (20:34 PM)
    Immoler??? C'est tout simplement massacrer ! Pour le plaisir

    Tabaski = la fête du massacre du mouton

    Inch'Allah! Tralala.....
    • Auteur


      En Août, 2018 (21:43 PM)
      toi ,tu réfléchis avec quoi ?
      depuis que les musulmans "massacre" les moutons ,il y'a toujours assez de moutons que de musulmans .chaque années
      si ça ne te suffit pas pour devenir musulman alors revois ton coeur .
      tout les jours que alah fait , des dizaine de milliers de tonne de poissons sont péchés sans que tu ne pipes mot . alors soyons raisonnable monsieur !
  2. Auteur


    En Août, 2018 (20:57 PM)
    Très bons conseils. Merci


    En Août, 2018 (21:13 PM)
    From Over 100 References Of Jesus In The Qur'an And Islam

    Put together by

    Jesus is the "way" (al sirat mustaqueem)[1] 43:61

    Jesus is the "truth" (al haq): 19:34

    Jesus is the "life" (Min Rouhina) 21:91, 66:12

    Attributes of Jesus:

    The Word of God (kalimatu Allah): 3:39, 3:45, 4:171

    John the Baptist confirms Jesus as "Word": 3:39

    The Spirit of God (Rouhana Allah): 21:91, 66:12[2]

    The Spirit from God (Rouh minhu): 4:171

    Holy Spirit (Rouh Qudus) Empowered/Led (ayyadhu) 2:87, 2:253, 5:110

    The Messiah: 3:45, 4:157, 4:171, 4:172, 5:17 (twice), 5:72 (twice), 5:75, 9:30, 9:31

    Lord/Master (rab): 9:31[3]

    Mediator/noble/exalted (wajihan or wajih) now and hereafter 3:45[4]

    Intercessor (shafa'a); 2:255, 21:28[5]

    The Gospel or good news: 3:45

    The Mercy[6] from God (al rahmantan mina): 19:21

    The Peace[7] (al salaam) rests on him: 19:33

    A Mercy (rahmatan) decreed or ordained (maqdahi); 9:21[8]

    Messenger/apostle (rasul): 2:253 (above other messengers) 4:157, 5:75

    Prophet (nabyyun) 19:30

    Servant (abd Allah) of God: 4:172, 19:30, 43:59

    Faithful Witness (shahid) for God: 4:159, 5:117

    Not Wicked, Vain or Overbearing (jabbaran shaqiyyan) 19:32

    Sent Down from Heaven[9] (anzil'ata) 3:53, 5:114-115[10]

    Given the Secrets of the Unseen (ghyab) (supernatural): 3:44[11]

    Knows the Hour of Judgment: 43:61


    Healer of the blind and lepers: 3:49, 5:110

    Raised the Dead: 3:49, 5:110

    Miraculously brought food to earth from heaven: 5:112-118

    Spoke from the Cradle: 5:110, 19:24, 19:29-33

    Breathed Life into Birds made from clay: 3:49, 5:110

    Clear Sign & Showed Miracles: be-yinat, unto all mankind: 2:87, 2:87, 2:253, 3:49-50, 5:114, 19:21, 21:91, 43:61 & 43:63


    Immaculately Conceived by the Spirit of God (Rouh Al-Qudus): 21:91, 66:12

    Born of a Virgin Mary: 3:47, 3:59, 19:20-21[12]

    Sinless (zakiyyah): 3:46, 19:19


    Died (mutawafeka)3:55, 4:159, 5:117, 19:15, 19:33[13]

    Slain (taqutulun): 2:8, 5:70[14]

    Resurrected from the dead (yum uba'athu): 19:33, (6:122 possible reference to Jesus)

    Ascended up to God in heaven: 3:55, 4:158

    Near to God (muqarrabeen): 3:45[15]

    Coming Back on judgment day (yum al-qiyama): 3:55, 4:159, 43:61

    Coming Back to attest the law: 3:50 & the Gospel: 3:45

    We are ordered to:

    Obey (atee'uon) 3:50, 43:63

    Believe (aamanou): 4:159, 5:111

    Follow (ettabio'un): 3:55, 43:61

    Jesus' Disciples Are:

    Superior (fawqua) to those who disbelieve: 3:55

    True Believers (aamanou minhum) to God: 57:27

    God's Helpers (ansar Allah) of the revelation of Jesus: 3:52, 61:14

    Have Power Over Enemies: 61:14

    Witnesses (shahid) to the truth of Jesus: 5:113

    Inspired disciples (al-hawariyun) to have faith in God: 5:111

    Misc. Attributes:

    Righteous (saliheen): 3:46, 6:85

    God's Favor was on Him: 2:253, 5:110, 43:59

    God Blessed (mubarak) Him wherever He was: 19:31

    Given Wisdom and Revelation of the Old Testament and Gospel: 3:48, 2:136, 19:30, 43:63, 57:27

    God Inspired 4:163

    God made a Covenant with Him: 33:7

    2nd Adam: 3:59

    Given Authority to institute things previously forbidden: 3:50

    Was Plotted Against: 3:54

    An Example to the children of Israel: 43:59


    [1] Words in the parentheses are the Anglicized Arabic from the Qur'an.

    [2] Possibly 19:17 is also a reference to Jesus and the Spirit.

    [3] Verse 9:31 has been mistranslated for years. The correct rendition is:

    They take their priests and their monks to be their lords in derogation of [both] Allah, and Christ the son of Mary;

    [4] This exclusive attribute given only to Jesus and Moses, who interestingly, were the two covenant enactors.

    [5] An exclusive right of God to grant and assumed to referring to Jesus in the context of the verses, also according to Sufi interpretations.

    [6] "The article "al" (the) in front of the word is rare and usually reserved as one of the 99 names of Allah (God).

    [7] ibid

    [8] The Arabic word maqdahi "ordained" or "decreed" is used only for Jesus and interestingly hellfire in 9:71.

    [9] Only Jesus & holy books were "sent down" from heaven.

    [10] 5:114-115 refers to a "meal being sent down from heaven". This is a metaphor for Jesus in Sufi tradition consistent with John 6:32-35 " is my Father who gives you the true bread from heaven. For the bread of God is the bread that comes down from heaven and gives life to the world...I am the bread of life."

    [11] The specific application is unclear, but the verse is in context of Mary and Jesus and refers to "casting lots".

    [12] Jesus "spoken into being" Arabic "kun fya kun".

    [13] All Arabic words used in these verses refer to "death", or "caused to die": and are as follows: 3:55 mutawafeka, 4:159 mawtihi, 5:117 tawaffaytanee, 19:15 yamootu;, & 19:33 amootu.

    14 This verse suggests that many messengers slain when their message was rejected by the "children of Israel". Jesus message was rejected by much of the Jewish leadership who conspired to have him executed by Rome.

    15 A special place of honor as "at the right hand of God" & the only one clearly given this position in the Qur'an.

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